Sunday, October 17, 2010

I donate 450ml blood to Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab at KB Mall

Last night I am very tired to story about my trip to KB Kelantan. Actually after round-round in KB Mall we stop at HRPZ II team to do blood donation. You can refer to my previous entry.

My blood was taken around 450ml. Before this, the Dr said that 300ml will be taken for those their weight is less than 60kg while weight more than 60kg, 450ml will be taken.

Before I leave their booth (hospital KB), they gave me one plastic contained a soft drink and some tablet vitamins to take. For your information, actually this event (blood donation) was organized by MAA Assurance Company. MAA personal also gave me a yellow bag which they put a dictionary (CD), a card holder, MAA pamphlet and a pen. Here I put some photos of their souvenirs.


After that I went to Pengkalan Chepa just round-round and have eaten at a good restaurant. Chim Chum Food Village. Will story later... stay tune..


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