Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trip to KB Kelantan; just take a breath

I wake up this morning at 6:15 am and after prepared everything around 8:30 am we (my wife & my hero) went to KB. We delivered there around 10:30am. We decide to go to KB Mall first then after that go another place. At the time, KB Mall Parking still easy to park a car. I am sure in the afternoon the parking become full and very hard to find an empty parking.

There are a lot of sales until 50% at Pacifik KB Mall especially on the women and man wear.

We just walking around level by level until my son got very boring and he cried. Then I have to bring him to Pusat Hiburan kanak-kanak. Atleast he happy for a while.

Around 12:30pm, I saw in the KB Mall there are Hospital Perempuan Raja Zainab team who are in charge in blood donation. I also take part to donate since the last it was on July 2010. 450ml already taken from my body.

Normally I will donate every 3 months. So in a year I donate 4 times. How about u?

Will continue blog on next entry... Times up.. my eyes is going to close.... Very tired. Just delivered at my home 1 hour ago.. k


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