Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chim Chum Food Village Pengkalan Chepa

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Have you been in Pengkalan Chepa before? Pengkalan Chepa from Kota Bharu is just 10km. Nice place and there are few good restaurants. This time we ate at Chim Chum Food Village Restaurant.

Chim Chum Food Village Restaurant

Before I went to Chim Chim Food Village Restaurant, we were at Pengkalan Chepa Airport. Actually the restaurant open at 17:00 that's why we passed our meal first and be at PC Airport. I have some photos taken during that time.

Firefly promotion sign board otw

Pintu Gerbang

Airport Tower

Way to airport entrance

Around 17:00 o'clock we delivered at the Food Village Restaurant. Only one customer at that time since they open their restaurant at 17:00 sharply.

in restaurant

in front of the restaurant


ready to eat

Meat, prawn, squid, chicken

Meat, prawn, squid, chicken

Chim Chum might be means 'Thai BBQ' ala steamboat.

We prayed at the surau behind this restaurant. Around 19:40 we went back.

Total cost for this meal is RM45.80 only. Not bad. Not bad.... The main menu Chim Chum cost us RM15.80 per head.


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