Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Supper at Cititel Hotel Midvalley

I don't know where to go actually... !?

Since am alone in Cititel Hotel Midvalley tonight. 

Just enter AEON (Jusco Midvalley) and I am thinking to buy school bag for my kids. But I wonder why the price is so expensive. It is not less than RM60 even after discount. I decided no to buy it. Maybe next time together with my kids. 

I need to buy a shirt. After some time doing survey, I bought this one!

My stomach was sounded. I am hungry and I went to KFC and bought one kolonel burger which costs me at RM4.25 only. 

Kolonel burger! 

And two bottles of juice. 

Going back to Cititel Hotel and take my supper. 

Time's up.... 

It is time to sleep.



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