Friday, July 22, 2011

Durian Kunyit Jeli

Those who are very interested or durian fans might appreciate this news. Currently June to September 2011 at Jeli is the fruits season. Along the main road Kota Bharu to Grik (must thru Jeli), some villagers sell the durian and some fruits.

The king of the fruits, durian is one of the popular in Malaysia. Some people are very eager to find a very good durian everywhere.

In Jeli. what I can say that the durian lovers would appreciate it as the durian price here is not high or very expensive compared at town. Durian kunyit normal price range is between RM8-RM18 per kilo range. At town, durian kunyit are selling at RM25-RM45 per kilo.

While durian kampung 3 pieces at RM10 you can get there.

Try it first. Then you can judge it. I am sure you will love the durian kunyit. (some say Mao Sang King).


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