Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Bandar Sunway

I was here for 2 days. As usual, I have been there for a meeting.

The rate for my room is RM399++ which at the end will be RM462/=. As far as I concern, most hotels in Kuala Lumpur the rate is already increase. (not only the GST).

Actually I tried to book the hotel at the same day, but the receptionist said need to walk-in. Earlier they said the room at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa full already and told me to go to Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

At last there was no room at Sunway Pyramid Hotel, but luckily there was room available for two nights stay at Sunway Resort.

The room is just look like in the picture. With 2 junior queen bed. Most guests who stay there are from Arab, Mesir or from East Asia. Maybe they like to stay there because surroundings such sunway lagoon, sunway pyramid shopping complex is the place where they can calm mind, relax and spend their time with their children.


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