Friday, April 15, 2011

Revisit Kamunting Taiping Perak

Today I was in Kamunting Perak attending a course which is conducted by my company. In the afternoon just now, my self including my family lunch at Gerai Gulai Ikan Sembilang which located at Kamunting - Batu Kurau. The price for all food there are reasonable. Try first and I think most will love it.

Multi lauk pauk at the gerai.

Around 12 pm, I drove my car straight to the Batu Kurau which is famous with its durian Batu Kurau. RM4 per kilo. I am not sure whether its consider cheap or not. But the taste is very good and nice reflected to the price given. I will be there again I think, since the taste of durian at Batu Kurau is good compared with other places.


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