Saturday, April 23, 2011

Durian season

When is the durian season? As far as I concern the season is not same from one place to other place. The durian in the picture above looks very nice and very good.

There are lots of type durian in Malaysia such as susu,kunyit, xo, 101, d24, d13, d15, d17, kampung, sultan, red prawn, sleep cat, turtle, kahwin(married), segamat, taiwan, thailand, kuantan , masmuar, musang king and many more.

I am not the person who can eat a lot of durians till 10 durians. Just 2,3 durians can be thrown in my stomach. That one can be consider ok la...

Last week I tried durian Batu Kurau. One of the good durian in Perak but when I was there the reality is not same as news from tv3. Just normal durian kampung sometimes it is good and sometimes is bad durian also.

I am planning to find out more details on the location good durian in Malaysia. Will post out later on.


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