Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Durian - the king of all Malaysian fruits

The king of all Malaysian fruits, durian, is well known for its odour (which is hard to describe). Where, it may not be a pleasant smell to Westerners, but the taste is creamy and luscious.

The durian is a tall tree towering as high as 40m in the jungle rainforest or in semi-orchard. Seed trees may take 8-10 years to fruit. A grafted durian tree grows to 15 - 20m tall. The fruit is green to yellowish brown in colour, pendulous, round to oblong in shape almost roughly like a foot ball and is completely covered with strong sharp thorns which is usually opened by a large knife or a machete.

This fruit which can be split into five parts when ripe where each segment contains brown seeds covered with thick, custard like yellow pulp where you can eat it plain, mixed with rice or coconut cream and even made into ice cream.

source: peraktourism


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