Friday, May 16, 2008

Air Asia X Promotions - 5,000 free seats to Perth

Air Asia X quote today and send me through an email:
"It's here! Starting November 2008, AirAsia X will fly direct to Perth 6X weekly & we are giving 5,000 free seats on our brand new Airbus 330. Hurry, the offer is valid for 2 days and available online only! Take this chance to grab as many free seats as you want and head down under to experience the authentic Australian culture.

Be mesmerized by clear blue skies, natural beauty and romantic hideaways. Perth is no doubt the epitome of Australian charm and THE all time destination for an al fresco adventure. Guaranteed to satisfy!"
This is good for those who want to try vacation oversea and Perth is one of the good vacation that we can pay visit. Anyway, currently I am just looking for domestic vacation until the end of this year.


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